Plaques of Menlo Park


Many issues of the MPHA newsletter include some information on a different individual plaque. The rightmost column below indicates a published article (*indicates publication pending). Click on MPHA Newsletter (I - XIX) or The Gate Post (XX to date)  in left side bar (Secondary Sites) to read these articles.

Images of these plaques are posted HERE. Note: if you click on any of the plaque images, the caption (which includes the plaque #) will appear below it. The plaque images are position in the order of the plaque number.

The number (#) associated with each plaque is assigned by MPHA for internal purposes.

As of 11.25.2019, there are 82+20=102 identified plaques within the present corporate limits of Menlo Park. Do you know of others or do you have any corrections or additions to the information below? If so, please email the webmaster at

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