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Religious Row Walking Tour

This walking tour is a fascinating journey through the history of Menlo Park and the San Francisco peninsula. Exploring the lives and legacies of the wealthiest and most prominent citizens of the 19th century offers a unique perspective on how their fortunes and actions helped shape the contemporary suburban town of Menlo Park. As you walk through the area, you'll gain insights into the transformation from opulent estates to the modern suburban layout, understanding the impact of wealth, personal success, and even the follies of these influential figures.

Victorian Architecture Walking Tour in Downtown Menlo Park

This 60-90 minute, 1.5 mile walking tour features some of the oldest Victorian style homes in downtown Menlo Park. We will introduce you to some of the people and families who built, and lived in these beautifully crafted homes. We will cover history and architecture topics at each stop.

Who is Onetta Harris?

Many people may recognize the name, Onetta Harris, but how many understand the very important role she played in Menlo Park’s evolution?


A History of the Menlo Park Train Station

It takes some looking around, but Menlo Park has quite a few buildings dating back before the 1900s.

History of the Morey Family

Steve presented his slides, beginning with the 1860 Boston census listing of his great- grandfather Henry H.B. “Harry” Morey, then six-years-old, who came to San Francisco in the 1870s. One of the family businesses, Peninsula Building Materials, was founded on El Camino Real in the year 1923—100 years ago in 2023.

How Ken Kesey and Kepler's Created Silicon Valley

Kepler's served as a beacon for intellectuals which created the perfect environment to produce Silicon Valley

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History of Menlo Park

Menlo Park received its official name in 1854 when two Irishmen, Dennis J. Oliver and D. C. McGlynn, purchased 1,700 acres (some sources say it was 640 acres) bordering County Road, now El Camino Real, and built two houses with a common entrance.
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About Us

MPHA is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization made up entirely of volunteers. We were established in 1971 as an offshoot of the Friends of the Library.
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Check out our many online resources including our quarterly newsletter The Gate Post, online exhibits, the vintage photo archive, and links to other great websites that showcase the history of Menlo Park.
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